Michelle H

Marketing Consultant & Copywriter
Hi there! I’m Michelle. With over 10 years of marketing experience (including 3 years consulting), I guess you could say I’ve been around the block doing what I love. I completed my Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in marketing and graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta in 2009. Since then, I have helped grow small, medium and large scale businesses. My other passion is in health and wellness. I completed my Diploma of Holistic Nutrition in 2015 and I’m a Certified Teacher of Meditation. I’m not all woo though – when it comes to work, I love to nerd out over the analytics side of things, honing in on what’s working and what isn’t. When I can marry my two passions, health and wellness and helping businesses realize their potential, that’s where the magic happens for me. I would love to be part of your success.

The Best Fit

My perfect match would be young, small to medium sized businesses with lots of opportunities for growth. Specifically those in the health and wellness industries looking to gain awareness through building a community of fans and advocates. I am able to adjust my writing tone and style for a wide variety of prospects and industries and my sweet spot is writing content geared towards women, ages 25-45.

Connect with Michelle

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