Looking for someone a little more permanent?

We can match you with subject matter experts who have vast, specialized recruitment experience in all facades of marketing, advertising, creative, communications and technology. 

Contingency-Based Recruitment

A traditional model with a twist. Our staff works with you to understand all the nuances of whom you are looking for and how you like to work. They'll suggest and connect you with the recruiter best suited to get your new staff members in place.

Recruitment by the Hour

A modern take on tradition, ‘recruitment by the hour’ is an alternative to the contingency fee. Some of our recruiters offer this framework for fast-growing teams. Essentially the recruiter integrates with your team to fill multiple roles as you need them.  


About Our Recruiters

Recruitment specialists are a part of our project specialist roster and are qualified based on our roster criteria. Every project specialist on our roster is a Canadian freelancer or consultant who has three years minimum, running their nine-to-five business. This is the first step in a 22-point vetting process that determines every specialist’s suitability for membership in The Well and helps us separate Project and Contract Specialists. Specialists set their rates, deliver their quotes and what you've agreed to, is all you’ll ever pay – no hidden fees or surprise invoices.

Zero Cost Guides

Save time and gain context. We work to understand your objectives and recommend the appropriate specialists that align with your timelines and budget. We’re a human-centred marketplace which means Well staff are proactive and work with you, without obligation or cost, to save you time and guesswork in matching with the right specialists and services.