The human-centred marketplace for marketing, advertising, communications and technology.

Part Agency. Part Matchmaker. The Well is an entirely new approach to forging marketing, advertising, communications and technology relationships. With specialists and staff that call Canada home, we’re the first human-driven marketplace where building trust is a primary focus.

We provide clients with support and advice, while recommending the best individuals and teams to tackle each job - all for free and without obligation.

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Individual Projects

No minimum spend and no budget cap. They range from $200 - $200,000+ and can be anything from one-off design jobs, websites, writing and videos to complex branding exercises, SEO projects, software development and everything in-between.

Team Projects

Campaigns, launches, platform development and much more. Whole campaign teams or long-term, bespoke agencies are built to your specifications. We’ll work with you to align budgets, locations, personalities, and skill-sets and create your perfect team.

Fractional Contracts

Weekly, monthly, annual, or customized arrangements of temporary staff, white labelling, auditions or test a full-time req. Fractional contractors integrate directly with your team, locally or remotely within Canada, at full or part-time hours.

About Our Rosters

Two Roster Categories

Every day, we curate and vet Canadian freelancers and consultants. If accepted for membership, we designate them to either our Project Specialist or Fractional Contractor Rosters. Motivations, experiences, and the purpose behind how someone builds their freelance career all play a part in understanding where a specialist will be successful and to which roster they belong. To be considered for membership in either roster, The Well requires that each specialist successfully passes through a stringent vetting system.

To get in, you need to pass.

Two rosters mean two proprietary vetting systems; one based on criteria best suited to identifying project specialists, the other for contractors.

The backbone of our business is a 22-point proprietary vetting process that involves humans supported by technology - not run by tech exclusively. Membership to the roster is only granted to those specialists who pass every check to do with experience, values, commitment, reputation and so on. Artificial Intelligence alone cannot do what we do.

Human-Centred Delivery

We’ve transformed the mechanics of working with freelancers and creative services to address the shortcomings of the traditional and tech-ONLY models.

Human-centred does not mean slower. In fact, it often means quicker and more stable because we focus on relationships. Our staff legitimately helps every client for free, without question, limitation or obligation. We’ll work with you to figure out just about anything, and advise and recommend approaches and specialists that are best suited for each individual situation. Once connected, the relationship is yours… and we’ll shift our focus to keeping everything organized with billing, additional recommendations and evolving priorities.

Estimates and SOW’s

Everyone at The Well sets their rates according to their specialization and market. Whatever you and the specialists agree to as a budget - that's all you're ever billed. No hidden fees and surcharges. Ever. 

Whether working with one person or a dozen from one roster or both, you get one invoice at each milestone, all under the same terms. No wrangling or tracking who's invoiced when, and under what conditions. We keep it organized for everyone and provide a single point of contact.