The Future of Work


It’s estimated that by 2027, more knowledge based, skilled labour positions will be occupied by giggers than full‑time employees. Gigenomics is the podcast that shares perspectives on the benefits, best practices, changes in HR ideology and the recipes for success from business leaders, marketing and tech team leads, freelancers and consultants in the creative and technology spaces.

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Human-Centred Delivery

The Well has transformed the mechanics of working with freelancers and creative services to address the shortcomings of the traditional and tech ONLY models.

Human-centred does not mean slower. In fact, it often means quicker and more stable because we focus on relationships.

Our staff legitimately help every client for free, without question, limitation or obligation. We’ll work with you to figure out just about anything, advise and recommend approaches and specialists that are best suited for each individual situation. And once connected, the relationship is yours… and we’ll shift our focus to keep everything organized with the billing, additional recommendations and evolutions.