Angella T

Art Director, Designer, Producer, & Project Manager

I'm Angella, a Creative Director and Visual Designer fueled by a passion for crafting stories that resonate. With a toolkit refined over 20 years in brand development, motion graphics, UX/UI, and digital strategy, I thrive on transforming ideas into tangible, impactful experiences.

My journey through the realms of health, wellness, and sports has honed my ability to connect deeply with diverse audiences, driving growth and fostering meaningful change. I'm all about leveraging creativity, strategic insight, and collaborative leadership to exceed expectations. Let's create something extraordinary together.

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The Best Fit

My expertise particularly shines when working with health and wellness and sports clients. Having extensively collaborated with businesses focused on health solutions and athletic brands, I bring a nuanced understanding of these industries' unique challenges and opportunities. From developing compelling digital experiences for wellness startups to crafting dynamic visual content for sports entities, my goal is to align design and strategy with the core objectives of growth-oriented companies in these vibrant fields. Whether it's a wellness brand seeking to broaden its reach or a sports company aiming to elevate its market presence, I am dedicated to delivering innovative and impactful designs that resonate with their target audiences.

Awards & Accomplishments

Graphic Design USA Award, Turner Gaming Network, Gametap Logo.  Promax Broadcast Designers Association Award, NBA Gatorade Tip-Off.  Promax Broadcast Designers Association Award, ESPN’s Black History Month.  Emmy Award Nomination, Heisman Trophy.

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