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Hello, I'm Beth, and I'm all about embracing the vibrant tapestry of life! I wear many hats: an enthusiastic entrepreneur, a community builder, a spirited laugher, and a mother. My compass is my heart, and my journey is guided by the principles of kindness, community, and meaningful connections.

My passion for the events industry finds its roots in my deep appreciation for the theatre. Whether in the spotlight or working behind the scenes, every moment in the theatre enriched my life and equipped me with invaluable skills that transcend into every facet of my journey in the events industry.

Over the past 17 years, I've had the incredible opportunity to dip my toes into various industries within events, honing my talents in event and project management. This journey has been a constant source of learning, growth, and boundless inspiration. I'm committed to infusing creativity, a sprinkle of humor, and my knack for building connections into every project I'm fortunate to be a part of. Let's create impactful and memorable moments together!

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The Best Fit

Businesses looking to make a strong client/guest impact and believe in the importance and ROI of guest experience. Businesses that think beyond the conventional and want to work together to craft experiences that are not just memorable, but unforgettable.

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