Cody P

HubSpot Consultant

I have specialized in B2B sales and marketing technology for more than a decade and have been laser-focused on helping companies successfully implement HubSpot since 2020. I pair a strategic understanding of how to leverage technology with the deep platform expertise required to make those strategic visions a reality.

I have helped global agriculture companies bring traditional sales processes into the digital era and SaaS startups optimize processes and accelerate growth. I come from an ad agency background and have grown into a true RevOps professional.

I lead the Western Canada HubSpot User Group and write articles on RevOps strategy and HubSpot for The RevOps Team. I've been hands on with HubSpot Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs and I am happy to help whether you’re starting you journey with HubSpot’s free tools or looking to fully leverage your Enterprise account.

Work Samples

The Best Fit

Clients using HubSpot to create amazing sales, marketing or customer service experiences and looking for an expert to help them realize that vision on a project-based or ongoing basis.

Awards & Accomplishments

HubSpot Certifications: Client Management, Delivering Client Success, Delivering Sales Services, Digital Marketing, Frictionless Sales, HubSpot Marketing Software, HubSpot Reporting, HubSpot Sales Software, Inbound Marketing, Inbound, Revenue Operations, Service Hub Software

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