Kathleen F

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I bring over 15 years of experience in the marketing and communications, with a background that spans across government, non-profits, with experience in all three levels of government and the energy sector. My goal has always been to bridge the gap between complex ideas and diverse audiences, making sure messages are not just heard, but understood.

I've been a creative since long before I knew what the term meant, learning graphic and web design in the early 2000s. My journey has evolved from hand-coding pages to becoming adept at creating unique, custom solutions with Squarespace and Wordpress. My expertise extends to optimizing online visibility through local SEO and crafting engaging social media content that connects with audiences. In 2021, I pivoted towards helping small and medium-sized businesses streamline their marketing efforts. My philosophy is simple: focus on what works, cut out the fluff, and drive meaningful results. My digital skill set covers essential areas like social media content and management, search engine optimization, and graphic design with tools like Adobe Creative Suite and Canva. With 14 years dedicated to public affairs, I’ve also mastered the art of crisis communication, stakeholder engagement, and strategic corporate messaging. If you’re looking for someone with a solid professional background, practical expertise, and a knack for clear, impactful communication, I’m here to help. Let’s partner up to elevate your business to new heights.

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The Best Fit

Organizations with limited marketing and communications resources who need a great strategy for their digital marketing or corporate communications; Entrepreneurs who have no idea where to start; Service-providers who want to grow but their brand is keeping them behind.

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