Sarah F

Marketing Specialist

I have been helping companies build their brands for over 20 years. My experience spans large corporations, mid-sized businesses, start-ups, and plenty in between. Over my career, I have held marketing positions on both the agency and client sides of the business. I believe this has given me a unique perspective, and ability to collaborate in an environment with multiple stakeholders with diverse backgrounds and skillsets.

As a shareholder and practice lead in an agency, I realized how much I also enjoyed the operations and HR sides of the business. I can see an organization’s culture through the lens of its brand. And I love helping organizations transform their internal cultures to better reflect their values, and then establish programs and practices that bring that culture to life for all employees.

I established Sarah Flynn Consulting in 2018 out of a desire to marry the aspects of my career that I loved most. I use the expertise I’ve developed over the last 20+ years to help my clients develop and implement strategies that maximize results. Today, I continue to focus on brand and marketing consulting, helping client organizations transform their internal culture, and supporting organizations with high-level business management expertise.

The Best Fit

Marketing and Communications

With some clients, I have a traditional agency-client relationship where I work as a marketing partner at arm’s length with their team. For other clients, I am integrated into their team, offering executive level marketing guidance and support where it is needed.


I work with a company’s HR and Marketing teams to define the point where the two intersect within their organization. Many companies go to great effort to communicate their brand to their target audience but don’t consider that the employees that represent the front line for these brands don’t really understand the brand themselves. Working with both teams, I help them create, launch and foster a corporate culture that reflects the brand.


I provide executive level thinking, support and leadership for small-medium size businesses that don’t have a full-time COO, either because they don’t have the resources to hire someone full-time, or they don’t require someone in the role full-time. In this role, I also provide support to the owner(s)/CEO of a business who are too busy working IN the business to spend time working ON the business.

Awards & Accomplishments

Institute for Canadian Advertising Designation

Certified Campaign Planning Program (CCPP)

Institute for Canadian Advertising Designation

Certified Advertising Agency Practitioner (CAAP)

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