Scott M

Public Relations, Event Management
I believe the most engaging communications and brand campaigns focus on people - not products, programs, or policies. I employ this philosophy to help clients develop and execute multi-channel communications strategies, campaigns and events. From establishing key messaging to drafting content to monitoring results, I’ll help you deliver the message you want to the audiences you want to engage.

The Best Fit

While I consider myself a generalist, the perfect match for me is becoming an extension of the in-house team. Building relationships and understanding the culture and dynamics helps ensure the success of programs. I like tackling big challenges - launching new products or programs, translating complex concepts and educating the market. While I like working in the tech sector, I'm increasingly interested in actively contributing to the community where I live - working with government agencies and not-for-profits that are working to foster growth and improve the lives of Nova Scotians and Canadians.

Awards & Accomplishments

IABC Ovation Awards: Samsung Canada: Galaxy S Launch; RSA Canada: 50 Unique; CPRS ACE Awards: Nike Olympic Track Uniform Reveal; We Care: “Get Going, Keep Going”; Samsung Canada: Galaxy S Launch

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