Tina B

Marketing Consultant

I consider myself a hybrid in the industry (combination of left brain/right brain). I am both entrepreneurial and corporate, strategic and tactical, can work on my own but enjoy all the possibilities a broader team can create. I have worked on both the client and agency side as a consultant and full time employee. As a consultant I have been filling gaps for clients in the areas of senior level account service, organic business growth, strategic thinking, relationship building, project management and overall team management.

I have had the pleasure of working for some of the top agencies in the city on some of the most recognizable Tier 1 brands.

I have a reputation for being excellent with people and success in working with teams whether it be internal or external. I am driven by solving problems and providing solutions for both clients and internal teams.

I am looking to join a team where my expertise, management skills, relationship building and business acumen will be seen as assets and my attitude positive and refreshing.

The Best Fit

My perfect match on the Agency side would be to come in and run a particular piece of business(s) with the intent of growing it organically while at the same time mentoring and training an internal account service team. This could be to fill a gap; mat leave, won a new piece of business and are lacking resources, may not want to commit to overhead of full time person but need additional resource, someone off on general leave + need extra help and any other reasons they may need a resource for.

My perfect match on the client side would be to join the Marketing department of a CPG, Consulting Firm or Retail client that is looking for a Marketing expert that has a wealth of experience on the Agency side as well as experience and understanding of the client side.

Connect with Tina

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