Adam S

Video Producer

I’m a Producer, Director, DP and Editor based in Toronto. For the past 10 years I’ve created film/video work for all types of clients. From small start-up businesses looking to grow or major corporations looking for a fresh look, I can handle your scope.

When you hire me, you also have access to my company Tomorrow Night Films , which can manage and outsource an entire creative team of  Toronto’s top notch professionals(Shooters, Editors, Photographers, Sound Mixers and Crew) to excecute the vision . 

I have a passion for innovative storytelling and I’m always seeking out refreshing and unique ways to tell your story. As we all know Story is key.


Video Samples

The Best Fit

Concert Promoters/ Labels: Looking for an entire festival coverage. Production, Lighting, Filming, and Editing.

Film Producers/ Production companies/Brands: Looking for Sizzle or Trailer Editors, Series Editors, Social Media Editors, Music Video Editors. 

Commercial Clients: Looking for Directors , DP’s and Editors.

Corporate Clients: Looking for new Video content to be filmed and edited with quick turn arounds.

Connect with Adam

Let’s not make this creepy. We’ll email you just once and not again unless you explicitly ask us to.

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