Alex G

I am an experienced 3D Artist and entrepreneur. Founder/Creative Director at Motionbox Animation Studios Inc. I have been working in Animation industry for over 15 years, where I have acquired and extensive knowledge on Animation workflows. I have a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design as well as a Diploma in 3D Computer Animation from the Toronto Film School. I have always been attracted to the CG world since I learned the advantages of 3D tools in the development of concepts that can get us close to an imaginary reality. I have always focused on working hard to deliver the best of me in every single project.

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The Best Fit

My Ideal client or match would be a company or a person who has clear goals and objectives in the scope of their project, some one resonable who open minded of how animation projects work and the time that takes to produce 3D work and the value that 3D (animation, modeling renders etc) can bring to their own projects.

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