Ashley W

Strategic Marketer

I'm a strategic marketer with experience in the B2C/B2B space across CPG and financial services/asset management on both client and agency side. This diverse experience has allowed me to flex my marketing muscles across various B2C and B2B brands at all stages of their maturity. It's also given me the grit and creativity to take on any project, market to any audience, build content and storytelling functions, establish digital marketing programs and develop integrated campaigns that reach people at all stages of the funnel.

What inspires me is the impact I will have and what I will learn from the leadership above me. Marketing is continuously changing, and there is something new to learn each day - consider me always curious and full of ideas.

The Best Fit

Small/medium sized businesses and start-ups across all industries

Awards & Accomplishments

American Express Cobalt card launch campaign - The Canadian Marketing Awards (CMA), 2018

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