Benjamin S

Producer / Photographer He

I am a collaborator and a problem solver. I sincerely love being a producer as I believe the best possible creative work is made with a team of committed specialists working together efficiently and amicably.

I am passionately committed to delivering campaigns and shoots on budget and within schedule to a client’s satisfaction. I have over 10 years of experience doing so.

Honestly, I am happiest when working preparing a shoot, on set or in the edit room. I take on any size of project where I know I can deliver quality and so I flexibly accommodate to a client’s budget. I can achieve a lot with very little. And with larger projects I consistently overdeliver. I stake my reputation on every shoot and give each project my all.

I am also an experienced commercial photographer and retoucher and in this capacity I can work solo or in a team of 2-5 as the project requires. I was a neuroscientist in my previous career. I have two masters degrees in Neuroscience and Biomedical Science. I apply the same methodological approach as I did as a scientist to creative production to the benefit of my clients.

Video Samples

The Best Fit

My perfect fit is a client looking for quality first in their images and videos. I have worked with solopreneurs, business owners, agencies and larger companies but what they all had in common is they cared deeply about the result. I am delighted to do volume content for social media but my preference is to create lasting value. Work that will exist for some time on a website or as out of home advertising and that will add value and bring returns to my clients.

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