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Brand and Communications Strategist He/ Him
I am a well-seasoned writer and brand builder with a degree in Journalism and over two decades worth of award-winning experience in brand and brand strategy development, research and trend analysis, marketing communications, creative strategy, conceptual development, and creative direction.
To be perfectly frank, I create research-based and results-driven brands and brand stories and creative marketing communications campaigns because I simply have to. I’d like to say that making you happy will make me happy, and leave it at that, but to borrow from writer and filmmaker Don Roff, “The monster must feed. And it will feed on your soul if not your words. Its appetite is insatiable. Write to save yourself from the monster.” More than just a profession, this is my passion;and my creativity and inspiration yearns for constant release. Plus, I need to save myself from the monster. It’s a strategic labour of love akin to bleeding out from my heart onto the keyboard and into my work. In addition to my career in branding and marketing, I’ve worked in public relations (as an internal communications and community relations specialist), been published in major daily national newspapers and magazines as a freelance writer and photographer, and have also given numerous seminars, panel discussions and workshops to government and media, corporate executives, business and community leaders and their staff, Indigenous Elders, entrepreneurial associations with members across all industries, Chambers of Commerce, and to emerging writers and designers from junior high to university levels.

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The Best Fit

No fuss and no muss: regardless of the nature of your business or community, and the reasoning behind your correct approach to think “brand-first”, I’m all business;driven by the simple and tidy notion that you must first Connect with Brand in order to Direct through Marketing and effectively engage and inspire audiences to meaningful action. I have proudly (and successfully) provided a full suite of branding and marketing communications services (from strategic development through to brand and community building, messaging and visual creative execution, and ongoing brand maintenance and management) for non-profit and charitable organizations, B2B and B2C companies of all industries, government / institutions / regulatory bodies, and community / municipal clients throughout Canada. Well versed in a multi-disciplinary set of service solutions custom-designed and leveraged to fit the needs of any client regardless of size, industry or sector, I hold the capacity and capability to deliver measurable results and positive change sure to boost spirits as much as agendas and bottom lines. I work to deliver more upon needs than wants to ensure complete client comfort, happiness and pride of ownership, and promote a partnership based upon collaboration, trust, and the understanding that–much like without heart, there is no brand success–without guts there is no glory. Simply put, I’ll help you exist loudly

Awards & Accomplishments

While every one of my client brands is a success story worth sharing, I am proud to note that I have been recognized as a "Game Changer” in the Branding Industry, and as a Partner of “One of Canada’s Top Branding Agencies” by Clutch Agency Review. My accomplishments include the development of numerous Economic Developer’s Association of Canada, and International SAM, Summit and MUSE Creative award-winning brand, marketing, and communications strategies for local (Western Canadian), national and international corporations, personal and professional services companies, non-profit and charitable organizations, government and regulatory bodies, and communities and municipalities of all sizes throughout North America. I’ve also received international brand-builder recognition when, out of more than 4,500 submissions from over 50 countries, I was awarded three Golds and four Silvers for the 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 International MUSE Creative Award competitions, and a Gold, three Silvers and two Bronze for the 2019, 2021, 2022, and 2023 International Summit Creative Awards.

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