Lisa V

Media Buyer and Seller

With 30 years of experience in the media industry, on both the buying side (ad agency) and sales side (National Radio Sales) and launching my own agency 17 years ago, I have learned what it takes to keep clients happy. Having been on both sides of the desk has afforded me a greater understanding, appreciation and respect for what’s required to plan, negotiate and execute well on behalf of my clients.

As with many industries, relationships are key. The relationships I have nurtured with my media partners (yes, partners, not vendors or suppliers) are critical to deliver against my clients’ objectives. The work I do for my clients is part art, part science and part gut. If I’m not going to do something well, I simply won’t do it. I am clear about what my areas of expertise are and what they aren’t. I’m not afraid to disagree with a client but at the end of the day, my role is to plan and execute against my clients’ objectives. I love what I do and it shows. Being open to collaboration, new ideas, and super servicing my clients are table stakes.

The Best Fit

The ideal client/partner relationship is based on honest, open dialogue about what the goal and metrics of the campaign will be.  Both partners should be accessible, nimble and able to move quickly when need be.  Many of my client contacts bring me along when they move companies or jobs specifically because of the strong relationship we have built.  The relationship is more important than the size or category of the business. 

Connect with Lisa

Let’s not make this creepy. We’ll email you just once and not again unless you explicitly ask us to.

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