Michelle L

Creative Director

Hi! I’m Mish, a senior creative driven by the need to solve business problems that connect you to your client or customer in the most creative way possible. If I’ve learned anything in my 20 plus years of building brands, it’s that you can’t move the needle for any business without a little bravery.

Blending in is the death rattle for any company. If you’re not saying something relevant in a way that separates you from your competitors, your chances of success are based on luck, at best. I pride myself on the ability to find that single insight that’s been overlooked, lost in the seams of the problem itself, and then creating communications to place you top of mind when purchase time arrives. I believe that first we have to be media agnostic when approaching a problem. We can’t just jump into any project assuming we know how best to solve it. Maybe your brand positioning is correct, maybe it’s completely wrong. Together, we’ll nail that down, and move your business forward.

So why me? My greatest asset is being a multifaceted creative. I’m strategically driven, my concepts are always built to differentiate, and I’m a great designer and writer - unusual in one creative. But valuable when building holistic brand strategies, or simply updating a brand to make it modern. Also, I may have a small ego, but in good way. The best way.

Work Samples

The Best Fit

Whether it’s fortune 500, or start-up on Fourth, every business needs a brand that communicates clearly and cleverly and consistently with it’s prospective audience.

For me it’s most exciting when a client recognizes they have a business problem but aren’t self-diagnosing the solution - “We need a logo, a new positioning line, a new website, a new social campaign etc.” Maybe it’s one of those things, maybe it’s all.

But let’s be sure.
Let’s look at the actual problem and solve it strategically, not fashionably. But always bravely.

Awards & Accomplishments

Multiple Ice Awards, Cassie Awards, Applied Arts Awards, INMA: International News Media Association Awards

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