Mira K

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Dynamic, innovative, and accomplished leader respected for 15+ years of delivering comprehensive and personalized marketing, business, communications, customer, stakeholder relations, and strategy solutions to high-profile clients.

Motivational and artistic leader known for devising strategic planning processes that result in streamlined operations increased brand awareness, and optimized teams performance.

Mira is an out-of-the-box thinker recognized for successfully navigating organizational intricacies and responsibilities as an entrepreneur, business owner, consultant and active community member. She prides with exceptional tenure resulting in positive client outcomes, resolution of complex business, marketing, and operating issues, and growth of efficient and productive communities.

The Best Fit

Clients / Businesses located in urban, secondary or trucerary markets across Canada or internationally. Industries with B2C and B2B marketing and sales focus. Residential and commercial real estate, retail, insurance, banking, CPG, tourism, education, research, marketing/events/advertising agencies, local municipalities and organizations, non-profit, start ups.

Connect with Mira

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