Raeesa L

Social Media Manager She/ Her
Hi! I’m Raeesa Lalani, and I am your one stop shop for all things social media, communications, and writing.
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dalhousie University and a Masters of Journalism from the University of Kings College.
I am enthralled with the use of social media as a platform to showcase, market, or tell a story. I thoroughly enjoy curating posts and stories as an artistic masterpiece, waiting for the world to see. As a trained journalist, I create all content with care, fact-checking, and copywriting.
Wearing my other creative hat, I have a knack for writing. Whether about sports, the outdoors, or your personal hobbies (that is right, yours!) - I love researching and writing articles, recaps, and blog posts.
Communication is key. I uphold this saying as a prioritized work value. I am here to communicate with you to fulfill your needs for marketing, strategy, social media, and event planning.

Work Samples

The Best Fit

My experience includes working with local businesses, associations, non-profits, and corporations who are looking for online support. Particularly those who want to share their stories, products, or key messages.
If you are looking for someone to take on a leadership, self-governing role, I am a great fit for you. I also enjoy working in a team setting, training people within the organization, and helping fulfill long term objectives. 
I work well with leaders and organizations who want to see their vision executed in a professional, creative, timely manner. 

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Let’s not make this creepy. We’ll email you just once and not again unless you explicitly ask us to.

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