Ray X

Video Director and Editor / VFX Supervisor / Colourist

I am Ray, a filmmaker who has established a distinct presence in the realms of directing, editing, visual effects, and colour grading. My career encompasses a wide array of projects, from feature films to commercials, each project underpinned by my commitment to both narrative depth and visual innovation.

An integral part of my skill set is my proficiency in 12 different software, enabling me to blend storylines with advanced visual aesthetics seamlessly. This technical expertise greatly benefits my directorial work on set, especially when working with actors, as it allows me to envision the film from both a narrative and technical perspective, ensuring a cohesive and impactful final product.

My roles as a director, editor, VFX artist, and colourist go beyond content creation; they are about weaving compelling stories of characters and their journeys. My approach to filmmaking is driven by a passion for the potential of technology. I view technological advancements as a powerful tool, enhancing storytelling and introducing new dimensions to the cinematic experience.

The Best Fit

Medium to large sized businesses looking for a magician to solve any and all problems.

Awards & Accomplishments

Adidas, MGM, Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBA, Rogers, Yahoo Canada, Palm, Homesense, HR Block, Square

Connect with Ray

Let’s not make this creepy. We’ll email you just once and not again unless you explicitly ask us to.

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