Dana S

Digital Marketing

I am a Toronto-based freelance digital marketing and communications professional who works collaboratively with clients to help them achieve their promotional goals as an organization/brand.

I have over 5 years of experience marketing for organizations in non-profit and corporate sectors and have earned my Bachelor's degree in Communications and post-graduate certification in Digital Marketing Management. My areas of skill include: social media curation, copywriting, graphic design, email marketing, video creation, website management and marketing strategy.

Overall, I am a creative and adaptive marketing connoisseur, dedicated to not only helping clients achieve their marketing goals but also fostering strong and meaningful relationships with people I work with.

The Best Fit

Small to medium sized non-profit or purpose-driven organizations with some marketing practices in place but lack strategy and marketing expertise to implement good practices.

Awards & Accomplishments

In September 2019, I helped drive the most website traffic Altima Dental has seen since they opened in 1993, when I worked there as a marketing coordinator, Certified in Google Analytics and Hubspot Content Marketing

Connect with Dana

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