Eryn B

Senior Content Consultant

I have spent the last decade working with creative advertising, television and PR industries in order to develop compelling branded stories, experiences and strategic plans that increase both the ROI and brand awareness for the business.

I have creating integrated brand campaigns across the following disciplines and competencies: Digital strategy, digital and commercial (studio) production, media teams, account teams, creative teams and UX teams.

A key driver of creative success applied to projects starts with standardized research, content auditing and/or partnering with brand planners to develop a KPI framework that best aligns with the organizations needs, prior to creating a long-term programmatic (paid) plan, influencer strategy or creative process. 

It has been integral to align plans with multiple international and local stakeholders to define growth targets, objectives, content strategy, media relations plan and an ongoing brand identity for creative campaigns.

I was a part of the original Chevrolet / MRM global team (Commonwealth) as a Canadian lead on the digital front, defining GM's global social strategy and KPI framework for all local regions alongside the leading Detroit-based FleishmanHillard team.

The Best Fit

Global advertising agencies, mid-small sized businesses, mid-small sized PR firms, tech start-ups launching products, clients looking to make revenue gains for their brand.

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