Nadia Y

Account Director / Project Manager

Hi! I am a freelance Account Director / Senior Project Manager with 10+ years of experience working on both sides of that “slash” (client services or integrated production).

I started my career working in a marketing/communications and stewardship capacity in arts and culture, which was key in helping me develop my ability to be a connector – of all types of stakeholders, with different goals. I'm often hired for my ability to navigate the creative process in order to solve a business problem, for being an all-around roadmap-mapper, and a big-picture thinker (with a keen eye still on the details).

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The Best Fit

I’ve worked with all sorts of different agencies and brands, on projects and campaigns of all kinds. While I don't have one "perfect" fit in terms of type and size, the one thread running through all my work experiences is a scenario where the project or client needs someone to not only deliver on the work or campaign – but also add a level of structure and organization to the working teams.

For example: 

  • You’ve won a new piece of business! – and need someone at a senior level to jump in, resource the team, onboard the client, and scope out the work that's to come. 
  • You just need coverage for a project, QUICK – and want someone hands-on (who can be hands-off with), to pick up immediately, connect the dots, and ensure a seamless continuation of work.

In those key moments where you need the proverbial ducks to be lined in a row, stat – whether for a big job or small – I’m your gal.

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