Zachary E

Social Media Manager / Content Creator He/Him
I am a storyteller at heart and a marketer by trade. I uploaded my first video on YouTube in 2007 (yes, I was one of the cringy kids making skits and lip-syncing) and quickly learned how much I love entertaining and educating through social media. Since, I've grown my personal brand to over 230,000 followers. Now, I help my clients do the same. I offer my collection of strategies, tactics, and lessons gathered over 10 years of creating content online to you - to help your band get the organic attention it deserves. When I'm not keeping up with TikTok trends I'm watching anime, catching up on the NBA, or angrily muttering to myself on the golf course.

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The Best Fit

My perfect fit is a growing business with an in-demand product or service looking to increase their brand awareness and online presence without shortcuts or silver bullets.

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