Doran C

Visualization Specialist
Small town boy who became a world traveled commercial photographer/ videographer, amongst other things. Always curious, and willing to go to the ends of the Earth to get photos or video for clients. Armed with a camera, my wits and experience, I love to travel to the last frontiers to see where people work and live. The stories that I bring home will last a lifetime. Always looking for the next adventure and client that will send me there. But it's not always about the adventure, most of the client work is repeat work without the great adventures, but if it is behind a camera or working on productions or files at my computer, I am perfectly happy. Bottom line, always happy to be creative no matter what the workplace is.

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The Best Fit

A client comes to me looking for solutions to a visual project that they require some creative input on. They don't have the manpower or expertise to be involved other than to provide a steering component through the course of the project. They want the creative work to be used for multi-platform branding, and to appeal to customers' visual and auditory senses. Aside from the initial project requirements we are left to our creative imaginations to provide some visual ideas that will cross several presentation platforms - print, web or possibly audio alone. The project will involve getting some mud on our feet, videotaping and photographing people in their workplaces, and producing a finished, designed layout, video and possibly audio presentation.

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