Mateo R

Graphic Design / Web Design
Great to meet you! My name is Mateo Roksandic and I love all things creative. I've been working in the exciting world of marketing, design and technology for over 10 years and have always approached my projects with innovation, creativity and passion. I have worked with publicly traded companies and small business start-ups and I always approach each project with the same detail and dedication. My love for design and typography was my first foray into this industry and from there I have grown into growing a strong portfolio containing brand development, graphic design, web and creative content. My passion for photography and videography has always been an important part of my life both personally and professionally. It allows me to express artistically and at the same time tell a story - I love integrating my love for photo/video into branding projects, it's a key element! There is so much more to learn about me and I hope you reach out to get your project started today.

Work Samples

The Best Fit

Small business start-ups to publicly traded companies looking to grow their brand to their highest potential.

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