Moira D

Writer + Audio
I'm a recovering liberal arts student turned longform writer and audio documentary producer . In my work, I'm particularly motivated by the pull of a good story, and I excel at crafting narratives that bring the motivations - of individuals and institutions - to the forefront. I've found this particularly rewarding in the context of stories that focus on the environment and climate change - complex, abstract subjects that benefit from character-driven storytelling - and have used this approach in telling stories ranging from documentaries about the human history of rats, to the need for saltmarsh restoration in the Bay of Fundy, and features on new research underway to save hemlock trees in Nova Scotia. This body of work has also allowed me to explore another skillset, which is the translation of complex ideas to a general audience. I come by my interest in complex ideas honestly - I studied philosophy at the graduate level, with a master's degree in philosophy and public policy at LSE - but my real passion is in translating these ideas to a broader swath of the population, and helping people understand the insights that individuals, institutions and companies can offer.

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The Best Fit

I'm particularly interested in working with small and medium-sized businesses, as well as research institutions, who are looking for copywriting support. My ideal clients would be working in the areas of sustainability, ocean and renewable energy technologies, agriculture and food systems, and health.

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