Reilly S

Producer / Editor
With over 15 years in commercial production, I am a producer/director and Editor who understands how to convey a message and how to bring creative to life. From a producer’s perspective, I’ve handled everything from shoestring to 6-figure budgets. A true problem solver, I know how to execute productions while quickly adapting to changing priorities and circumstances. My creative work combines live-action performance-driven direction and editorial, telling unique stories for brands. I jump into the fray with a hands-on open communication style that promises solid results and thought-provoking work. Prior to becoming a director, I served as a Creative Director where I led the creative team and was responsible for the final creative product. As a Creative Director-turned-Director, I have delivered impressive work for countless brands including: Virgin, Sony, Corby Spirit and Wine, Taco Bell, Volkswagen, Range Rover, AXE, Rogers and RBC to name just a few.

Video Samples

The Best Fit

I’m very interested in working in a collaborative environment for creative content companies who are aiming to inspire, who are transparent about the organisation, about their brand’s challenges. I love working with companies who encourage their creative partner’s to be open-minded and forthright with their ideas and creative solutions.

Awards & Accomplishments

Producer/Director roll for the following:
1) One Club Award - TACO BELL EAT YOUR WORDS Agency: Grip Limited / Toronto Client: Yum! Brands International Category: Social Media / Branded Social Campaign.
2) Applied Arts Award Taco Bell - "EAT YOUR WORDS" Best Integrated Campaign.
3) CDM - EMA Award - Client: Bank of Montreal Visionary Award Category: Best Use of Animation/Motion Graphics Entry: BMO Inclusion

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