Simon J

I started out in the frenetic, demanding broadcast industry in the UK and Europe and have worked in TV and Film production in one way or another since 2003 I am a highly competent and experienced team player, that brings decades of experience, a pro active work ethic and an almost obsessive attention to detail to every production. I strive to blend the perfect mix of artistry with a deep understanding of the subject matter on each and every project, thus forging my creative and technical abilities effectively with the vision of your story.

The Best Fit

I love working with clients to find their vision through storytelling. Think emotional storytelling cleverly blended with branded content. I am super flexible and open to all kinds of work, but this is the most successful type of work and the kind of work clients find has the most impact and ROI in my experience.

Awards & Accomplishments

I have won many awards for my film making projects. I won awards in South India for an extreme sports documentary (Best directorial Debut) as well as awards for post production on documentaries that made Amazon Prime in the US and other streaming platrforms around the world.

Connect with Simon

Let’s not make this creepy. We’ll email you just once and not again unless you explicitly ask us to.

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