Vanessa B

Grant Writer

My purpose is simple. To help secure grant funding so you can reach your goals. Through researching, writing, proofreading, and coaching, I provide a one stop grant shop. A proud member of the Grant Professionals Association, my goal is to deliver a higher ethical standard of practice within the grant writing space. Navigating the world of grants is complicated. Let me simplify your journey.  

What sets me apart is my approach to client work. I am honest, down to earth and believe in telling it like it is. If something is not feasible, we will work together to find a more suitable solution. I also do not believe in trying to fit a circle into a square when it comes to funding and partnerships. I love collaborating with those who share similar values and always have my client’s best interest at heart.   Over the past 25 years I have held positions in both the for impact (nonprofit) and corporate sectors with a focus on special events, fundraising, communications, marketing and sales. When not wearing my consulting hat, I am a lover of the outdoors and a passionate rock and ice climber. When you work with me, we won't physically climb any mountains yet we will definitely scale a few peaks together. Of course, as with any outdoor adventure, we’ll have a few laughs and hot beverage breaks along the way.   “Everything is Figureoutable” - Maria Forleo

The Best Fit

Business owners from any sector who are overwhelmed when it comes to applying for grants; who are interested in pursuing grant opportunities yet are not sure where to start; who have unsuccessfully applied for grants and are looking to explore how to strengthen an application and those who need a little extra support when it comes to proofreading and editing an application.

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