Sarah W

Co-Founder & Marketing Strategist
True to my Newfoundland roots, I’m a team player who can get along with just about anybody. I pride myself on how quickly I get up-to-speed on your business and industry. I only recommend strategies that will drive business growth (not everyone needs to be on Twitter!). The first few minutes of any meeting will always include some chit chat and I like to celebrate even the smallest wins with some kind of treat! I have an MBA in Marketing from Dalhousie, two teenage daughters and (please don’t let this be a deal breaker) I don’t drink coffee.

The Best Fit

I really enjoy working with clients who have clear objectives for growth and agree that good, strategic marketing will help achieve those goals. I love small-medium size businesses that have a go-getter approach and are not afraid to think outside the box. I love clients who see me as a part of their team vs. an outside consultant.

Connect with Sarah

Let’s not make this creepy. We’ll email you just once and not again unless you explicitly ask us to.

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