Alykhan W

Sr. Copywriter (Medical + Tech)

I'm an experienced copywriter who’s spent the last decade specializing in the medical and technology sectors, where I excel at making technical jargon accessible and engaging.

My work spans crafting blogs, social media posts, and digital ads that not only capture attention but also communicate complex ideas in simple, relatable terms. My expertise extends across various digital and offline platforms, including full websites, landing pages, emails, and video scripts, to name a few. I've navigated a broad range of industries, from kidney dialysis and lung cancer to computer processors and sustainable agriculture technologies, delivering content that informs, persuades, and connects with audiences.

Work Samples

The Best Fit

I've worked with industry leaders like AstraZeneca and Janssen to innovative startups such as Progressive Planet and Hillcrest Energy Technologies, covering areas from pharmaceuticals to sustainable tech and EV battery design. This experience makes me versatile, ready to engage with businesses of any size, from large corporations to emerging startups. I'm here to craft copy, no matter the field or scale.

Awards & Accomplishments

2021 Gold AVA Digital Award for Social Media - Schizophrenia Caregiver Connection (Facebook)

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