Alyssa D

Brand Copywriter

What might I be doing if I wasn't a busy freelance copywriter? Most likely, something creative in the events space. After a lifetime in the performing arts, I went on to study Linguistics & Semiotic Anthropology because my mother thought that would be more useful than a theatre degree (she was wrong.) Upon graduating, I continued working in Toronto hospitality and events, and was both professionally and personally invested in that industry. (So much so that at my convocation my mother said, "well at least we know Alyssa's social life didn't suffer!" Ooops. ) I am excited to learn that I could apply my copywriting, word styling, and brand voice expertise to a creative enterprise that, like myself, values strategy and actioning the abstract.

Awards & Accomplishments

Flight Centre Travel Group's Global Award for Marketing 2018, Outstanding Achievement Digital (Individual merit) 2018

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