Annemarie G

Marketing Copywriter & Storyteller
I am a Copywriter & Storyteller. In a world where every word counts, I am the strategic storyteller who crafts narratives that captivate, compel, and motivate people to take action.
 With a passion for diving deep into the heart of your business, I am not just a copywriter—I am a personal and product brand innovator, weaving together strategy, creativity, and psychology to build unforgettable connections. From the outset, I am driven by strategy, appreciating the opportunity to paint the big picture and lay the groundwork for impactful content.
 Research isn't just a task—it's an adventure. I thrive on delving into the psyche of ideal clients, uncovering their desires, fears, and dreams, so every word on the page serves a purpose that guides them seamlessly toward choosing you, their undeniable solution. Embracing the art of persuasion, I blend buyer psychology with the magic of storytelling.
 Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of Donald Miller and the principles of Building A StoryBrand, I create narratives that invite prospects into a world that resonates deeply with their own. They're not just customers they're heroes on a journey, and you are the trusted guide leading them toward their happily ever after. Having spent years in the media & entertainment industry and event planning, I bring a unique perspective to copywriting and strategy.
 I am dedicated to meeting deadlines and adhering to budget allocations with every project. I value communication, integrity, and honesty. Working with me, you'll find a charismatic writer who becomes invested in your brand just as much as you are. If you're ready to create from scratch or transform your content, marketing assets, or online presence into a compelling narrative that leaves a lasting impression, you've come to the right copywriter. Because when strategy meets creativity and purpose meets passion, magic happens!

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For startups and established small to medium-sized businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence, I specialize in writing compelling content with story-selling strategies. Whether you run a service or product-based business or are a personal brand aiming to launch a new website, update an existing one, or undergo a complete overhaul, I provide expert guidance and write content to ensure your website effectively represents your brand.

I work closely with you before you engage with your web designer or developer, ensuring that your website aligns seamlessly with your business operations and objectives, showcases what you sell or the services you offer, and resonates with your target audience. In addition to website content, I write persuasive nurture, sales, and welcome email campaigns to enhance your online marketing efforts. If you're ready to expand your online presence, grow your audience and sales, I offer strategic support and all the writing necessary to develop lead generation and marketing sales funnels that drive results and connect you with your audience.

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